Cards Against Humanity Tutorial

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  • 2 Years Ago
Step 1. Buy cards here. Step 2. Patiently wait for the best time of your life. Step 3. Upon arrival, please don't soil pants. As precaution - wear two sets of underwear. Step 4. Unwrap cards and separate whites from blacks. That's right. Step 5. Kidnap random people and make them play this game. Bring rope, some like to try and escape when held against will. Step 6. Draw 7 white cards and try not to laugh hysterically like a loser. Step 7. One person flip black card and read to other players. Step 8. Other players, play a white card face down. Draw 1 card. Step 9. Person who played black card, shuffle white cards so you don't know whose who. Step 10. Read white cards. Pick your favorite one. Step 11. Give black card to winner. Keep that for score points. First person to 7 wins. Step 12. Repeat step 7.