What Do You Mean / Epic HoverBoard Dance Cover @justinbieber

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  • 3 Years Ago
MUST SEE THESE GUYS! The worlds first premium conceptual Airboard / Hoverboard dance youtube video! Directed, Choreographed, Edited and Filmed by David Moore For booking info email davidjmoore300@gmail.com or Pete@cleartalentgroup.com Follow the @botbroZ on Instagram for more updates on all their segway/airboard/hoverboard dancing!!! Find me on twitter and instagram @davidmooretv Starring Josh Killacky @josh_killacky Evan Moody @evan_whysomoody Alex Ditommaso @alexditommaso Damien Lavergne @youngdames Jake Deanda @_jakedeanda_ Behind The Scenes by Jon Jimenez @jongifted Shot at www.fateyestudios.com The Future is Here ! See more at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/w...

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