FLAME RAIDING A STACKED BASE AND TC! - Rust Solo Survival Gameplay 4/7

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  • 7 Month Ago
ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE https://rustypot.com/g/keyworth PLAY RUSTYPOT.COM HERE https://rustypot.com/keyworth Big thanks to G-Portal for hosting my server! Check them out here! - Use this link for 5% off your purchase! https://www.g-portal.com/en/gameserver/rust-server-hosting?ref=Keyworth In this episode of the solo series. I head out to some wooden bases with my flamethrower and come across some tc's that are stacked! My new server IP! - client.connect Server Discord! - https://discord.gg/f5VMQ6v My Discord! https://discord.gg/azWDWT6 Follow my twitter! https://twitter.com/24keyworth My Steam trade offer URL if you're kind enough to want to send me any skins or games etc. :) https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=88185240&token=3SLM1cMp

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