GUESS THE DISNEY MOVIE SLIME! Mystery Slime Challenge!

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  • 6 Month Ago
Can you guess the Disney movie from these slimes? Add up your points and see if you can win this mystery slime challenge. You've seen the guess the color slime challenge, but have you seen the Disney movie slime challenge? We're mixing clay into slime and the clay features different characters. If you like Disney movie slime I'll do more. Just let me know! Also, how do like Kim showing you how to make slime? Should I do a guess the color slime challenge? Let me know in the comments below! Don't forget to let me know if you won this slime game! Order my DIY slime book with over 100 slime recipes: Subscribe: Follow Me on Instagram Check out these other fun SLIME VIDEOS! THE BEST SLIME VIDEOS EVER! THE BEST SLIME CHALLENGES! THE BEST DIY SLIME VIDEOS EVER! HOW TO MAKE SLIME! Will It Slime? The Best Slime How To Videos Will It Slime? That is the question. Will It Slime is the best YouTube Slime channel for diy slime. Fun slime challenges along with slime testing and slime how to videos! Will It Slime is family friendly and totally kid safe! We love making slime with our family and we hope you'll have fun with us!

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