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Heres a storytime on 4 places that gave me the worst customer service, dont let things like this pass by you speak up for yourself and demand to be treated with respect ALWAYS. CONNECT WITH ME VIA. SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram: @HeyParis Twitter: @HeyPariss Snapchat: ILikeVodka Facebook: /HeyParisTV Want To Be Featured In The Beggining Of My Storytimes?? Send A Video Showing Me Your Best "HEYYYY" To Have A Suggestion For My Beauty Channel? ( Send Me A Video Telling Me What You Would Like To See To Collabs, Sponsorships Or Anything Else BUSINESS related Email Me AT Want to talk to me? Have A Question, Comment or Concern? Email : Other Channels: Me & My Boyfriends Couple Channel: Beauty Channel: Vlogging Channel: Love You Guys, Dont Gotta Tell You Twice! And Ill See You On The FLIPSIDE ( Want To Send Me Something? A Gift? A Letter? Anyting!? HEYPARIS P.O. BOX 55566 CEDAR HEIGHTS, SCARBOROUGH, ON M1H3G7

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