Top 9 ♥EMOTIONAL & INSPIRING♥ Moments That Will Melt Your Heart on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT!

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► This Simple Morning Habit "Accidentally" Melted 84 LBS Of Fat ► ◄ ♥ Please Follow Me On Twitter ♥ ♥ Love You ♥ Top 9 EMOTIONAL & INSPIRING Moments That Will Melt Your Heart on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT! 9. Jaycob Curlee - Waiting On The World To Change 0:08 8. Calysta Bevier - Fight Song 4:04 7. Drew Lynch - Stand Up Comedian 6:57 6. Anna Clendening - Hallelujah 10:48 5. Kechi Okwuchi - Talking Out Loud 13:47 4. Mandy Harvey - Try (Original Song) 17:01 3. Evie Clair - Arms 20:47 2. Jonathan Allen - Time To Say Goodbye 25:45 1. Johnny Shelton - That's Love 28:48 tags: emotional auditions, inspiring auditions, agt emotional audition, agt inspiring audition, americas got talent emotional auditions, crying moment audition, touching agt audition, most emotional auditions, touching moments in agt audition, emotional audition americas got talent, best emotional auditions, very emotional and inspiring auditions agt, agt inspirational moment, agt most emotional and inspiring moments, top emotional and inspiring moments on agt, Jaycob Curlee, Waiting On The World To Change, waiting on the world to change by jaycob curlee, jaycob curlee waiting on the world to change cover, waiting on the world to change cover, agt jaycob curlee audition, agt waiting on the world to change jaycob curlee, Calysta Bevier, Fight Song, fight song by calysta bevier, calysta bevier fight song, fight song agt cover, agt calysta beviwe audition, agt fight song calysta bevier, Drew Lynch, Stand Up Comedian, drew lynch agt audition, drew lynch comedy agt, agt comedian stutter, Anna Clendening, Hallelujah, hallelujah by anna clendening, anna clendening hallelujah, hallelujah cover, agt anna clendening audition, agt hallelujah, Kechi Okwuchi, Talking Out Loud, talking out loud by kechi okwuchi, kechi okwuchi talking out loud cover, talking out loud cover, agt kechi okwuchi audition, agt talking out loud kechi okwuchi, Mandy Harvey, Try (Original Song), try by mandy harvey, original song try by mandy harvey, agt mandy harvey audition, agt original song try, Evie Clair, Arms, arms by evie clair, evie clair arms cover, agt evie clair audition, agt arms by evie clair, arms cover, Jonathan Allen, Time To Say Goodbye, time to say goodbye by jonathan allen, jonathan allen time to say goodbye cover, agt jonathan allen audition, jonathan allen americas got talent audition, Johnny Shelton, That's Love, thats love by johnny shelton, johnny shelton thats love, agt johnny shelton audition, johnny shelton americas got talent thats love

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