River Treasure: I Found a Working iPhone 7 PLUS, GoPro, Keys, Money (iPhone Returned to Owner!!!)

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  • 11 Month Ago
Wow, today's River Treasure hunt was incredible! While snorkeling in the river, I found 3 phones (iphone 7 plus, iphone 7, samsung j36v), and the iPhone 7 plus still worked, so I was able to contact the owner and return the phone. Her reaction was priceless, she was so thrilled to have her $1,000 phone back in perfect condition! I also found a working GoPro Hero 4 session, on a GoPro stick. I found lots of sunglasses, a pair of car keys, a flask FULL of alcohol, a pair of children's swimming goggles, a fishing lure and weight, a bunch of other stuff! BUY LIMITED TIME MAN + RIVER T-SHIRT HERE: https://etsy.com/shop/manplusriver Check out my previous River Treasure video: https://youtu.be/nvb8DlW7_xM If you enjoyed this video, please click the like button!!! If you are new to my channel, subscribe by clicking the Subscribe button above, and help me reach 100,000 Subscribers! Find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/manplusriver/ Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/manplusriver/ *MY COUSIN HAS BRAIN CANCER* - Check out his vlog and show him some love: https://youtu.be/a_oVQfOhx5g Email: manplusriver@gmail.com Camera used: Gopro Hero 4 Black iPhone 6s

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