The McDonald's 100 Hashbrown Challenge

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  • 6 Years Ago
Goofy Asian eats 100 McDonalds Hashbrowns in 1 Day! Montage set to the music of Gangnam Style The Monopoly Game is going on at McDonalds and I want to see how much I can win on game pieces by purchasing 100 Hashbrowns. Then I will attempt to eat 100 Hashbrowns in 1 day. Turns out this ended up being a bigger deal than I thought. Another video to follow will have statistics on my winnings, odds of winning, etc. Credits: Goofy Asian - JP Lambiase Camera operator - Julia Yarinsky Homeless Guy - Homeless Guy Elevator Dancer (Guy) - Kip Barrows Elevator Dancer (Girl) - Brittany Ross

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